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Editorial Aquitania Siglo XXI was launched in 2021 with La Ninfa Eco’s support. The team of Aquitania (Mexico) and La Ninfa Eco worked together during the whole process of setting and launching the publishing house in Mexico and as a result, we became partners. Editorial Aquitania Siglo XXI is therefore part of our projects and it it part of our agenda and family. On the other hand, Aquitania Publishing House also collaborates with many of La Ninfa Eco projects.

About the publishing house

Aquitania Publishing House was created by 4 female writers having as a mission to convert literature in a bridge between individual and readers freedom as once suggested by the medieval Queen Leonor de Aquitania.

Our team members are: Annia Galano, Gabriela Fundora, Mariana Otero & Gabriela Guerra. Free and dreaming women.

Aquitania @ La Ninfa Eco

Aquitania has its own column at La Ninfa Eco. In order to read it, please click here (Currently it is only in Spanish).

Aquitania YouTube Channel:

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