International Book Launch Live transmission, ‘Frida K., la poeta y Macbeth el traficante de sueños’ by Mexican-Spanish author Rosy Suñé. First in English at La Ninfa Eco USA/La Ninfa Eco UK Facebook Page, and later in Spanish at La Ninfa Eco with an interpreter from Canada.

Author: Rosa Suñé (Spain)
Host: Gisella Ballabeni (Perú)
Guests: Isabel Krisch (Argentina), Ana Guillot (Argentina), Karina Miñano (Peru/Netherlands), Paloma Cuevas (Mexico).
Genre: Novel. Magic realism.
Day: Saturday 16 july 2022.
Time: 7 pm (Europe time zone, 6 pm (UK time), 2pm (Argentina time), 12 pm (México time), 10 am. (Los Ángeles, USA Time).
Where? Live transmission at LA NINFA ECO USA, LA NINFA ECO UK y LA NINFA ECO Facebook pages.

Special thanks to interpreter Clara C. Canzani (Canada/@cccan.translation)
Also, thanks to our team member from La Ninfa Eco, writer and broadcaster Ezequiel Wolf (Hungary).

To watch live transmission (English):

To watch transmission in Spanish / w interpreter



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