After a world-tour with the top percussionist of the globe Ustad Zakir Hussain, the world’s finest Hindustani violinist Vidushi Kala Ramnath is joining Saudha‘s ground-breaking concert Re-interpretation of Frida Kahlo through Indian classical music at one of the world’s iconic art-venues in London Royal Albert Hall on Wednesday 13 July at 7pm (Door-Open). 

In a brief conversation, Kala Ramnath says, “It’s an enormous privilege to perform for one of the world’s finest and the most iconic art venue Royal Albert Hall after quite a few years and it’s equally a great pleasure and an absolute bliss to perform for one of the leading Indian classical music promoters as well as one of my favourite world-music platforms in the UK, Saudha Society of Poetry and Indian Music“.

She says, “I am so excited to come from the USA, just to join and create a new musical interpretation of one of my all time favourite painters Frida Kahlo. I am sure the concert will leave a noticeable mark in the history of  art-interpretation with another complementing art form”. 

Further she adds “Those who live in the UK and love both arts as well as profound music or love my violin recital, this is a must for all of you and look forward to meeting you all on Wednesday 13 July at Royal Albert Hall”. 

Directed by poet Ahmed Kaysher, this breath-taking hypnotic production also features a leading Tabla maestro Pt Sanju Sahai, the finest Bengali singer of this generation Shapla Salique, an acclaimed spoken-word artist Shree Ganguly and an award-winning film-maker Makbul Chowdhury

+info about this event & tickets here


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