Saudha’s Anti-War Event Touring to Oxford after a Successful Session in London


A critically acclaimed event Verses and voices against war and violence is coming to Oxford, now, on Saturday 28 May at 6.30pm, after a successful session at Rich Mix, London.  

Saudha Society of Poetry and Music, a leading organisation for global arts and music in the UK in partnership with an Oxford-based world literature platform La Ninfa Eco are hosting this unique initiative as a form of protest against the war, the rise of fascism, violence and brutality through  Music, Dance, Literature, Films, Painting and other art forms. 

The director of La Ninfa Eco, poet Gaby Sambuccetti, said, “the event is featuring again a wide array of performances as artists’ responses to on-going war happening around the world. 52 leading artists from all different genres of arts from a diverse cultural heritage joined the session in London last month. The Oxford session will repeat the same with some wonderful local poets, musicians, dancers along with a few joining from other cities.”

The Oxford session will witness Tagore’s interpretation of peace by a local music group called Udayan, early European music performance with a brief talk by a world-leading biologist and a veteran Oxford professor Denise Noble, professor Ray Noble, singer Mike Harris; brief talk and spoken-word performances by Poppy Shahnaz, Cllr Jasmin Chowdhury, poet Alan Buckley, Poet Sarwar E Alam, Opera singer Rossella Maria Bondi, Syed Enam, Rayhan Rashid, Saikat Acharjee, Lester Gómez Medina; dance presentations by Flamenco dancer Mercedes Avila Caballero and musician Harry Brzezinski, Bengali folk dancer Sohel Ahmed. 

Mercedes Avila Caballero and Harry Brzezinski
An Oxford based Bengali cultural group Udayan

The director of Saudha, poet Ahmed Kaysher, said, “This is a protest against the current Putin’s invasion of Ukraine as well as all other forms of violence in the world. We had such a huge response from the artists communities in London and I am sure the spirit will continue to Oxford and other cities we are coming to”.  


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