Saudha Society of Poetry and Music, a leading organisation of global arts and music here in the UK, in partnership with a global literary platform La Ninfa Eco, is hosting a unique initiative to protest the war, the rise of fascism, violence and brutality through #Arts#Music#Dance#SpokenWord and other art forms. 

The event that involves a series of sessions in London, Oxford, Leeds, Birmingham, Edinburgh and other big cities, is beginning at Rich Mix, London on Sunday 24 April 2022 at 5pm.

The director of Saudha poet Ahmed Kaysher said, ‘This is a protest against the current war between Russia and Ukraine as well as all forms of violence in the world that have stolen our sleep’.

The event will feature performances, insightful and analytic presentations from well-known musicians, poets, writers, filmmakers, theatre-practitioners, academics, painters, dancers, from different cultural traditions.

Curated by poet Ahmed Kaysher, the event is showcasing the performances, as a way of artists’ responses to the war and violence by acclaimed musicians – Kevin Davy, Domenico Angarano, Helen Anahita Wilson, Samia Malik, Rohan Roy, Isuru Perera, Anand Sundaram (Mohan Veena), Juber Akhtar Sohel, Laboni Barua, Nandita Mukherjee, and many; prominent writers and spoken-word artists John Farndon, David Lee Morgan, Stephen Watt, Jah-Mir Early, Amy Neilson Smith, Sian Thomas, Nicki Heinen, Michelle Madsen, Poppy Shahnaz, Tanjina Nur E Siddique, Urmee Mazhar, Zaki Rezwana Anwar, Arzo Naubahar. Sonia Quintero, Mona Dash, Shamsuzzoha, Marcia Mar, Noor Zaheer, Shafqat Parveen, Hugo Barton, Peter Culshaw and many; extra-ordinary dancers -Mercedes Avila Caballero, Aritri Kundu, Sharmishtha Pandit, Esha Chakravarty Bhattacharjee, Sohel Ahmed, Prerona Mondal, Supty Paul; as well as a social, political and cultural change-makers that include Julliet Makhapila, Kumar Murshid, Jasmin Chowdhury and Aser El Saqqa and others.

To register for free, please follow this link.

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