From the book ‘Meeting Point’ launched @ La Ninfa Eco on 27th May, 2021.

Advantages & Compensation

We build memories
using the same resources
as when we build poems.
Poetry is not a privilege,
but forgetting is.

My nobility is simple

Dressing up every day to get to work
on a full time basis
followed by 2 hours on the bus
with a 2 hours ticket return
and even after all this,
still willing to continue

*Translated by Gaby Sambuccetti

Malu Kruk (Argentina, 1985) is a poet, editor, and literature teacher. She is part of a literary project called +poesía

Since 2020 she is part of La Ninfa Eco (Latam & Europe) and she is a writer @ En lo profundo mag.

She is the author of the book Meeting Point (Argentina, Peces de Ciudad Ediciones, 2021).

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