Author: enriquebernales

Enrique Bernales Albites (Lima, 1975). A Peruvian author and cultural manager living in Colorado, USA. He holds a doctorate in Latin American Literature from Boston University. He currently works as Associate Professor of Spanish at the University of Northern Colorado. He has reorganized the mythical poetry group Inmanencia. He has published the books of poetry Inmanencia (1998, 2020), Inmanencia: Regreso a Ourobórea (1999), 21 poemas: Cerridwen (2004), Regreso a Big Sur (2019), the novel The Occupied Territories (2008), and the anthology of Peruvian poetry of the nineties, Los relojes se han roto (Ediciones Arlequín, Guadalajara, 2005). He has participated in different literary events in the United States, Mexico, Argentina, France and Spain. His poems have been published in literary magazines such as Colorado Poets Center, Confluencia, Hiedra, Hostos Review, Arkansas Review, Santa Rabia, Mood Magazine, Revista Anestesia, Revista Taller Ígitur, and others. He publishes in the New York based magazine ViceVersa interviews, short stories, poems, reviews and urban chronicles on a weekly basis.